LM052: L’Essentiel – THE SILVER RIDER

Happiest of New Years to our L’Affaire family. Hope you all got to celebrate in style wherever you were!


We’re kicking things off hot, with a fresh edition of the L’Affaire Musicale Mixtape. The Silver Rider took the reigns and blessed us with the perfect funky house mix to start the year off with. The effortless grooves will pull you in right away, and the expertly layered house rhythms, horn and synth vibes, bouncy beats, and soulful melodies will keep you locked in.


The Silver Rider, aka Davey Schacherl, shines with this curation of sounds, touching on his many talents that go deep and disco. It’s not surprising the Austin, TX native has had club residencies since 18 years old and gained notoriety in the scene.


Cheers to another trip around the sun…may it be overflowing love and music!



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