How We Can Support Our Scene

Here at L’Affaire Musicale, we’ve been shortlisting ways to help musicians and music businesses through this uncertain time.


It’s hard to self-isolate and keep up with changing protocols, closures and cancellations. It’s even more difficult to come to grips with how COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives around the globe. With our favorite haunts closed, clubs on hold, and parties postponed, we miss the sense of safety and connectedness our community provides. But while we crave physical connection, the music that once brought us together is still out there. After the storm, flowers will bloom. Until then, here are ways we can tend to each other from afar.




Buying music and merchandise from artist websites and from record shops and digital platforms like Bandcamp is an easy, direct way to support the artists and record labels you love.




Join us in turning off the news for a bit and tuning in to some dance music therapy.


Artists around the world are streaming live performances online via Instagram Live, YouTube, Twitch and more. Virtual DJ sets are taking place in empty clubs and artists’ living rooms and studios. This virtual clubbing experience provides both entertainment and relief and offers a small source of income for venues, artists and promoters.


Some of our favorite quarantine streams so far:


Cherie Hu’s virtual music events directory lists upcoming events, explains how to hold your own virtual events, and also links to emergency funds for artists affected by COVID-19’s impact on the music industry.




Share those mixtapes like it’s the 90s!


Sharing music you’re excited about with friends and followers is not only an intimate way to stay social, but gives a massive visibility boost for musicians. Word of mouth is a tried-and-true way to allow artists to be re-discovered by those who may not have heard of them otherwise.


To start, we’d love to share what we’re currently grooving to in quarantine – here’s our Spotify playlist, made with care from Team L’Affaire.





Here are a few blog posts that might help you out—whether that’s adjusting to a new work-from-home lifestylemanaging your mental health, or jumping on the Instagram Live bandwagon.


We will continue to support you with more resources as they appear. Please message us on FB at L’Affaire Musicale or DM the L’Affaire Team @laffairemusicale @astleymusic @bpsayy on Instagram with any suggestions, or let us know some of the ways you’re coping.


Stay informed on COVID-19 through proper channels like the CDC and find the latest statistics on this interactive map created by Johns Hopkins University.


Stay safe, and remember: we’re with you 100%.