Darius Debut Album – Utopia


Right now, we are getting down to Darius’s recently released Utopia, a sophisticated exploration through multiple worlds of electro. “Aube” kicks this album off proper, tickling the ear drums with enchanting melody, crispy beats, and expertly laid percussion. You’re then lead to “Echo,” which resonates a smooth, sultry vibe and deep vocals by Max Jury.


Night Birds” also rides the sexy downtempo feel, featuring the luscious voice of Wayne Snow. Next you’ll find yourself in the delightful dreamstate that is “Carbon Dream,” a laid back adventure featuring E^ST. “Cyan” is a charming little number, with delicate layers of sound expertly coalescing that ease you into the lovely, low-key “So Far So Good.”


E^ST makes another appearance with “Carried Away,” which has the perfect amount of sass and sparkle. “New Age” explores syncopation and passionate vocal samples, while “Mountains” enchants with gentle house rhythms. “Pyor” creates an upbeat flow punctuated by synthy vibes.


Nebula” provides a little Fantasia-esque dive into sound, while “Observer” carries you through an elegant, airy portal. “Lost In The Moment” picks up the pace with a glowing, cheerful beat and Wayne Snow again on vocals. Things are rounded out by “Bright Side,” a graceful and haunting conclusion to a true sound utopia.


Darius has been a burgeoning artist on the French house scene, and this debut album under the Roche Musique label is a shining accomplishment. Utopia boasts delicious loops, retro influences, disco grooves, French touches, all encompassed in a world of polished deep house ballads. There are so many nooks and sounds to get lost in within this 14 track creation.


Each song is uniquely and articulately constructed, creating a microcosm of an album that is fun, flirty, and just what we didn’t know we needed. Keep an eye out for the vibe creator that is Darius…you just might be seeing more of him in 2018.



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